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Formative Assessment

What Is It?

  • Informally evaluating student understanding throughout the learning process and using results to adjust instruction
  • Providing students with in-the-moment feedback for learning using a variety of methods to check for understanding


Use continuous forms of assessment and feedback to drive instruction


Are always aware of where they are with the learning target and next steps for progress

How Can I Implement In The Classroom?

Establish clear learning targets

Use pre-assessments to gauge background knowledge 

Use a variety of on-the-spot assessments to discover misconceptions and monitor understanding

Adjust instruction based on assessment information by reteaching, using examples of strong work, promoting alternative learning resources, differentiating with flexible groups

Provide feedback throughout the instruction process that moves learners forward

Encourage students to self-assess and determine next steps

Classrooms In Action



Formative Assessment In Elementary

 Formative Assessment Monitoring: K-2




Formative Assessment In High School


Formative Assessment


Why Does It Work?

"Designing a classroom rich with opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding allows teachers the ability to adjust instruction based on student need. Essential considerations include: where is the learner going, where the learner is right now, and how to get students there."

Embedded Formative Assessment, page 46 

Dylan Wiliam

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